Please don’t sue Britney...
A new interactive, video comedy bit that no-one asked for. ‘Betsy’s Bell Jar: 1 Joke A Day.’

For sticklers it’s not everyday, it’s like ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.’ They don’t do a show every week! It’s just a good slogan!

Anyway, 5 minute video segments about mental health news, issues and everything-on this site. 

Under 3 mins for Youtube.com/@betsysbelljar1jokeaday. Under 1 min for Instagram or if you’re lazy this link. Tik-Tok? In progress, I need to find a Gen Z to help me with that (TBC...)   

Watch this space, literally. Premiere is coming in a week or so. 

By Betsy Cole 

©Betsy’s Bell Jar 2022