The name of this site does not glorify suicide or anything self-destructive that Sylvia Plath did in her short and tragic life. However, it does take stock of her enormous talent and one of the first books that makes people take notice of mental illness. Most importantly though, If you do feel suicidal or you are indulging in risky behavior which may end in unintentional suicide, please tell somebody; family, friends, colleagues, anyone you trust. And if they don’t take you seriously, tell someone else, don’t stop at one person. Please click on this link to our resources page to get emergency contacts, suicide prevention hotlines and universal or national websites that connect you with organizations in your country. Also, if you have a feeling that a friend, spouse or family member is struggling with their mental health, don’t stay silent, talk to them or go onto to start a checklist and get advice on the steps forward for you and your loved one.

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